Learn to save with your bank | Request up to € 750 in 15 minutes

If you have started reading this article almost certainly it is because you are tired of your bank charging you maintenance fees, expenses for making a transfer or a commission even for having money in the same network of your card issuer.

Surely since Christmas you have put the batteries and you have decided that you must activate the ZERO MODE COMMISSIONS, whatever the reason, we encourage you to continue reading, the decision you have made is the right one.

The decision to save with your bank is the right one

The decision to save with your bank is the right one

In this article we will summarize four services in which, either your bank charges you more, or it does not help you to have a healthy finances, but rather the opposite. In both cases the result is the same: you spend money that you could save.

Zero commissions

With the competition so great that there is today in the banking sector, if you pay certain commissions it is because you want to. Almost all banks have a “Zero commissions” account or by performing a series of steps such as direct payroll and a series of receipts, those commissions are taken away. Go to your entity and look for a really suitable option for you that saves you those annoying semiannual or bi-monthly commissions.

If he refuses, if you have nothing to tie you to that bank, run away from him as fast as you can and find another one with zero commissions. There are many who will be glad to open an account.

Do not use the credit card


They are an easy-to-access financing tool for everyone, but if using them to finance you involves quite significant risks: you spend extra money, pay a lot of interest, encourage you to consume irresponsibly.

Don’t have the money stopped

If you don’t invest your savings, inflation will make them worth less every year and make your purchasing power less.

Money can never stand still. If you have some savings you should invest them in a financial product that offers you a decent return. The bag is a good place to get it, but don’t even think about investing for yourself if you don’t have the right training.
Soon we will recommend several App to do it without risking your savings and with total availability if you need it urgently.

Do not hire your investment funds

Do not hire your investment funds

In relation to what we mentioned in the previous point, if your bank realizes that you have good unemployed savings, it will try to convince you to invest in an investment fund or in a pension or savings plan. Our advice is not to hire them.

If after making the most of your money, you still have an unforeseen event. We encourage you to try us, for that you have a First loan of 200 euros to return 210 euros in 30 days, come to Good Finance and Try!