Yan Stavisski: Why You Need To Understand Credit In 2020

We interview Credit King Yan Stavisski who said, “Getting your credit right and understanding both the dangers and the opportunities in 2020 is essential for anyone over the age of 17. As someone who has helped thousands of people repair and leverage their credit in order to start a business, invest, and achieve financial freedom, Yan Stavisski is a proven source of information for manage our finances and set our priorities when it comes to something like credit.

Yan explains that we are on the brink of a massive recession and the effects are already being felt by millions of people in September 2020 with astronomical unemployment rates, defaults and business closings. With this, people’s credit tends to suffer and the majority have no idea what to do but let life hit them in the back. Not only that, people don’t even consider the fact that credit can be used to build wealth in times like these, but for that you have to be prepared well in advance, Yan says.

Before you even think about using credit for anything other than getting good rates on cars, getting approved for an apartment, etc., Yan says, “You have to understand the risks and you have to understand that if you already have a bad loan, credit, especially due to events that happened in 2020, you’re in luck! “. As the looming recession and COVID leave millions unemployed and default on their debts, leaving their credit to suffer, banks and creditors have NEVER been so forgiving of those who have suffered. That’s not to say they’ll write off the debt, but they’re more than likely to develop better payment plans, remove previously reported negative comments from your credit profile, and more. Yan explains that the first step in your credit journey is to repair your credit and that working with your creditors in 2020 to get it fixed was the BEST time to do it and that everyone’s minimum credit score goal should be. of at least 720.

Another critical mistake that Yan sees as the majority of people is that they use their personal credit for purchases or business investments. “This is the biggest mistake you can make, because defaulting on a credit card or personal loan will damage your personal credit, while doing the same on the business side of credit will not account for the business. personal side in most cases, ”says Yan. Based on this, it is essential to keep all of the business expenses and investments on the business credit side and make sure you stay on top of your personal credit.

“Over the next few years, we will see huge opportunities to acquire undervalued assets such as real estate, businesses and more that people will sell at a discount, and those who are prepared not only with money on hand, but a great credit profile. with a great understanding of how to leverage their credit, they will give themselves the opportunity to truly capitalize on the coming recession, ”says Yan. Obviously, credit is something most people don’t understand, but they have it available to them to achieve financial freedom and in 2020 Yan made it clear that people should really consider lending more. pay attention to their credit and their learning. how to actually exploit it to their advantage.

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