Turkey captures Daesh’s top explosives expert – Middle East Monitor

Turkish intelligence has arrested and detained a prominent Daesh figure with the help of US intelligence services, as Ankara continues to hunt down terror group suspects.

Egyptian-born Mustafa Abdulwahab Mahmud, a leading explosives expert who was close to former ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, was arrested and detained on the outskirts of Istanbul along with three other terrorist suspects yesterday.

Having apparently fled Syria recently, Mahmud’s location was discovered after U.S. intelligence services informed their Turkish counterparts. According to media reports, Mahmud was planning attacks in Turkey and has long been wanted by the United States.

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The arrest of the explosives expert comes amid Turkey’s security campaign against Daesh operatives hiding in the country, in which several high-ranking members of the group were captured during the l past year.

More recently, Ankara earlier this month arrested an Afghan national named Basim who has also been described as Al-Baghdadi’s “right-hand man”.

Coordination between the US and Turkish intelligence services in this operation, however, came shortly after it was revealed that Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu had gradually ended the country’s cooperation on joint training and intelligence sharing with the United States due to the strained relationship between the two.

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