The official puts on his wingsuit every day to get home



An official working at a cable car facility at Mount BabadaÄŸ in Fethiye travels home in a wingsuit after work every day.

Cengiz Koçak began parachuting in 1991 by jumping from planes as a cadet and became a free-type parachutist while serving as a non-commissioned officer in Kayseri’s 1st Commando Brigade.

After his retirement, Koçak got interested in base jumping in 2011 and became a wingsuit athlete in Turkey with training he received in California.

Popular in his circle as “batman”, Koçak has participated in competitions on behalf of the Turkish armed forces and the national team and has achieved many national and international successes in this field.

Koçak, who rose to fame with the new jump points he discovered for basic wingsuit jumping, began working as the general manager of Mount Babada Mount Teleferik, a cable car facility in the district’s Mediterranean province. from Fethiye to MuÄŸla, 20 days ago.

Flying in a suit nearly 2,000 meters above sea level from Mount Babadağ, where he takes the cable car every day for work, Koçak lands on the famous Blue Lagoon, known as Ölüdeniz in Turkish.

Koçak then gets into his car and reaches his house in the Ovacık district after a short drive.

Speaking to state agency Anadolu, Koçak said he was the only athlete in the country who could perform a wingsuit jump as well as a base jump.

Taking only three to four minutes to cover the distance, which otherwise takes 40 minutes by car, Koçak said the daily wingsuit flight routine adds a lot of value to him and his sport.

Koçak said that many people around the world who watched his videos that he shared on social media wanted to come to Mount Babadağ and the Blue Lagoon, taking inspiration from him.


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