Where to take your first post-pandemic trip as a couple, based on your horoscope

The pandemic has been tough on everyone, but especially a strange time for couples, no matter how strong your relationship was in the beginning. The dynamics quickly changed, with many lovebirds finding themselves locked in tight spaces, dealing with the schedules and stress of the WFH, or even dealing with the loss of income or a loved one.

As the vaccine rollout eases travel restrictions for both near and far, it’s starting to feel everyone wants to go out now. Being one of those people, I emailed astrologer David Scoroposki asking for a suggestion on where cancer like me and my husband should consider traveling after the pandemic. He told me without solicitation or pause that my ideal destination would be the Greek Islands, ironically a place where we had just bought a plane ticket. In an even more mystical turn of events, he told us that the exact dates we had booked would be ideal for traveling.

Meet the expert

  • Alexandria Lettman is the resident astrologer of The SoulUnity, a monthly virtual wellness subscription designed to support your mind, body and soul.
  • Scott Tejerian is an astrologer and co-host of The Weekly Transit podcast.
  • David Scoroposki is a New York-based astrologer who provides private horoscope readings to his clients.

As the two of you seek to restore some normalcy to your life, a romantic trip with bae is going to be a much-loved break from the monotony of life. groundhog day-like the lives we have lived over the past year and more. Deciding on the right destination to reinvigorate your relationship and re-immerse yourself in the journey will depend a lot on your astrological sign and what you are most looking for in a post-vaccine world. Below, let our team of expert astrologers guide you to the right place.

The current coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. As the situation continues to flow, we’ll share tips and stories from industry experts to give you the best advice and help you navigate wedding planning today. For the most recent guidelines and the latest travel restrictions and requirements, check the websites of the CDC and the US Department of State.

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