Nirze Village of Gesaria brought to life


The Gomidas Institute has just published a translation of a major step in modern Armenian historiography. A simple book in many ways, A Brief History of the Village of Nirze de Gesaria (Õ€Õ¡Õ´Õ¡Õ¼Ö…Õ¿ ÕºÕ¡Õ¿Õ´Õ¸Ö‚Õ©Õ«Ö‚Õ¶ Ô¿Õ¥Õ½Õ¡Ö€Õ«Õ¸Õµ Õ†Õ«Ö€Õ¦Õ§ Õ£Õ«Ö‚Õ²Õ«) is possibly the first compatriot study that commemorated an Armenian community in the Ottoman Empire. It was compiled in the United States as Armenian communities were being destroyed throughout the Ottoman Empire. Nirze, in the Gesaria / Kayseri region, was not spared. In all likelihood, most of the Armenians in this village were killed in what the Ottoman Turks called “deportations”, while large numbers of women and children were put on the farm to be assimilated into hostels. Muslims. There was never a final tally, because the victims simply disappeared.

The Nirzetsies living in the United States did not know the full extent of the mass murder that was taking place, but they did. American missionaries from the Kayseri area reported on what was happening. The book was printed in 1918 and was probably ordered in 1917.

A Brief History of Nirze Village de Gesaria attempted to capture the essence of Nirze Village, in terms of history, folklore and traditions, a dozen biographies, as well as invaluable demographic information about the village and its children at United States. This work was a major source in Badmoutiun Hay Gesario d’Arshag Alboyajian [History of Armenian Gesaria] and remains a memorial to the Armenian community of Nirze.

The English translation of A Brief History of Nirze Village of Gesaria is moderated by Gerard J. Libaridian, who translated, annotated and introduced the work in an appropriate historical context. The introduction is detailed and educational, a valuable guide for a critical understanding of such texts.

Emblematic map of the Armenian Gesaria (Kayseri) published by the Gomidas Institute

The Gomidas Institute published a large-format critical edition of Mr. Balaian’s iconic map of the Gesaria Plain (Kayseri) that featured in Arshag Alboyajian’s gigantic work, Badmoutiun Hay Gesario [History of Armenian Gesaria]. This map is now available in the English, Armenian and Turkish editions.

BiblioInfo: Senekerim Khederian, A Brief History of Nirze Village of Gesaria, translated from Armenian with annotations and introduction by Gerard J. Libaridian, (London: Gomidas Institute), 2021, xiv + 90 pp., Map, photos, tables, ISBN 978 -1-909382-66-4, pb.
BiblioInfo: Institut Gomidas, Companion of readers: Gesaria and its surroundings, (Institut Gomidas, 2021), 11.7 x 16.5 inches, color.

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