Photographers to follow on Instagram: August 20, 2021

Every day the PetaPixel The Instagram account shares great photos of our readers and those who inspire us. Here’s a look at some of our recent favorites and the photographers behind the lens.

Our Instagram page @PetaPixel posted all of the great work in front of our eyes. Want to see your photos shared on our account? First of all, you’ll want to follow us. Then use the #petapixel hashtag in your posts to join our community of Instagram photographers. These steps make it easy for us to find what to share.

Below we recognize a selection of talented photographers who recently showcased their work on @PetaPixel. Continue to post your images with #petapixel and you could end up here next week.

Yannick Schurwanz, who can be found on Instagram as @schurwanzpics, is a self-taught sports photographer. Schurwanz said PetaPixel that he’s always trying to expand his creative limits.

This photo was taken of the athletes of the German Rowing Federation during their last training camp before leaving for the Olympics.

Anton Shvain, or @antonshvain on Instagram, is a multi-talented photographer who works with landscapes, nightscapes, portraits and aerial views. This stunning photograph was taken at Lake Elton in Russia and is the largest salt lake in Europe. The vast open landscape doesn’t need extravagance to make the subjects stand out. A yellow dress against a dreary sky is simple yet effective imagery.

Wendy Hansen, known on Instagram as @aquietwild, creates stunning portraits against picturesque landscapes. This particular photo is from a series of never-before-seen images that shed light on the forest fires facing the people of western Canada. Hansen said PetaPixel, “It is my photographic objective to show the reciprocal relationship between humans and the wild places that surround us.”

Daniel Zanchi, or @danielzanchi on Instagram, is an iOS developer passionate about drone photography. This photo was taken in Cala Macarella in Spain as the drone was flown from a small boat. Zanchi said PetaPixel he made a wise decision and “went to this beautiful beach a moment later”.

Muhammet E. Doğan is a medical geneticist and Fujifilm X-T20 shooter based in Kayseri, Turkey. He can be found on Instagram as @ dr.m.dogan.

“In many parts of Anatolia, farmers do not have the opportunity to take care of their horses in winter, so they release them into the wild,” Doğan told * PetaPixel * by email. “Over time, these horses learn to live on their own in the wild, to breed and sometimes to form herds. He said the largest herd of over 300 horses is in Kayseri province.

In the summer, the villagers sometimes collect and care for the horses so that they do not damage the crops, otherwise they are left to roam freely. “This photograph is actually about horses feeling freedom and captivity together,” Doğan wrote.

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Image credits: All photographs used with permission of their respective photographers.

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