4000-year-old Hittite apartments draw visitors to central Turkey

The rock caves built by the Hittites in 2000 BC.

Distinguished by its rock caves, historical riches and natural beauties, the district of Gürün stands out as one of the oldest settlements in Anatolia. The district, located 136 kilometers (84 miles) from the city center south of Sivas, is located at the point that connects the region of Eastern Anatolia, the region of Central Anatolia and the Mediterranean region.

General view of Gürün district, Sivas, central Turkey, September 20, 2021 (Photo AA)

According to the Sivas Governor’s Office, the district’s rock caves have been used as shelters, castles, and for food storage throughout history.

As the rocks in the area can be easily eroded, it is believed that the Hittites processed them to build these caves and made them appear as a layered structure. Thanks to this layered structure, the caves look like primitive apartments with three and five floors from the outside.

The caves, all man-made, have also witnessed the Assyrian, Roman, Seljuk, Byzantine and Ottoman periods as well as the Hittite era. Until recently, they were used as a cold storage area, pyre and animal feed storage area by local people.

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