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In the summer of 1976, a ground fire burned an area of ​​vegetation on the island of Guernsey, revealing a slab of granite protruding from a high mound of earth. The excavations that followed revealed an intact 6,500-year-old burial site, now named Les Fouaillages, one of the oldest monuments ever discovered in Western Europe. (Here are the 50 oldest things in the world.)

Ancient structures are discovered every year, adding to our understanding of human cultural evolution. Most of the oldest existing structures had religious significance. These include tombs where bodies were buried along with items intended to aid their owners in the afterlife, temples dedicated to deities worshiped by a particular culture, and altars where animals and possibly even humans. were sacrificed. (Here are ancient civilizations that sacrificed humans.)

24/7 Tempo has compiled the 30 oldest structures in the world by viewing a number of archaeological, engineering, historical and general interest websites, including Archeology, World archeology, Archeology news network, Interesting engineering, Talk about construction, The oldest, Kingdom of history, The cultural journey, Reader’s Digest, All that is interesting, and Smithsonian magazine.

Some sites date back to the Paleolithic era, which began around 2.5 million years ago and lasted until around 10,000 BC. Most of the sites, however, were built during the following Neolithic era, during which nomadic societies began to settle in permanent or semi-permanent locations and also began to refine their stone tools. .

During this time, animal domestication and agriculture developed independently in many societies. Some of the oldest structures in the world include tombs and burial mounds, religious temples, protective walls, and even entire cities. Here are the oldest permanently inhabited cities in the world.

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