What is the Turkish Erdogan doing in Africa? What is wrong with France?

We are closely following the visits of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to Angola, Nigeria and Togo.

I have three fronts, as well as a litany of other topics, that torment my mind. One of them concerns Turkey’s efforts to define its road map in Africa. It includes the jubilant return of a country in the 21st century between “distant fronts and distant objectives”.

I have in mind the bitter struggle that Turkey has waged for years, especially over the past two decades, against plans to besiege and smother it in Anatolia.

Three doors: they closed them, we reopened them

They are trying to close the “western gate” to Turkey. They are trying to close the “east gate” (Caucasus) and the “south gate” to us.

They rewrote the regional scenario of the beginning of the 20th century to dress today’s events. They made plans to ban Turkey from history, from the region, to keep it under control, to “shrink” it, and implemented those plans. Western plans targeting Turkey have all been based on closing these “gates.”

Yet they were surprised by extraordinary resistance. When I said: “Turkey is the surprise of the twenty-first century”, I was referring to the rise in power of a power which not only upset these plans and supplanted a state level, reaching a regional dimension, but also ended to all plans aimed at the “middle zone” of the earth.

They first attacked the south gate

Turkey not only resisted, but also made smart and courageous interventions that would open all doors. These interventions were on a global scale. Those who design maps for the region, on the other hand, have received responses regionally.

The first intervention was aimed at the south door. The operation to form a zone, which we call the “corridor of terror”, between Turkey and the Arab-Muslim world has been canceled. This project, too, failed.

However, the necessary interventions have not yet been completed. The remaining loopholes must also be bridged to form a “zone of peace” from the Iranian border to the Mediterranean, completely eliminate all walls to be built and negate the underhand plans to divide the region into two clear blocs.

What is Iran trying to do?

The calibrated plans to keep the “eastern gate” permanently closed, to forever sever the connection between Turkey and Central Asia, were broken with the Karabakh war. The most effective geopolitical intervention in Turkish history, including the Ottoman period, has been achieved.

However, this door could not be fully opened. Iran’s attempts, in particular, to close that door are no longer a secret.

Turkey and other supporting countries are preparing for something quite the opposite. It appears that if Armenia fails to break the Iran Effect, there could be further intervention – this time “multi-state -” involved in the region.

Will there be a Crusader attack?

The most intense preparations at the moment are at the west gate. The strategy launched in the Eastern Mediterranean with the war in Syria, aimed at confining Turkey to its own shores, has also collapsed. We have also seen the geopolitical intervention on land in the eastern Mediterranean also take place at sea with the same intensity. But the “siege plan” was extended to the Aegean Sea.

It is as if the military preparations intensified by the United States and Greece, as well as by France, as well as certain countries of the region, on Greek territory refresh our memories of the Ottoman-European or East-West altercation. that has been going on for centuries. Or, perhaps, the Crusader attacks!

Plan is to “strike Turkey”, not “defend the West”

The military bases such as Alexandropouli which were established on the border, the military reinforcement at the western gate, are not the result of our “belligerence”, but their objective to besiege Turkey from the West. In fact, the aim is not to “defend the West”, but rather to “strike Turkey”.

There is no doubt that these heated preparations will lead to more destructive results than the others. It is also certain that it constitutes an “imminent threat”. What will Turkey do? It will do exactly what it did at the other “gates”. Whatever is needed to keep it open. He will never hesitate in any of his efforts.

This is because Turkey knows that the “Western world order” is over. He knows that the power of the West to design regions and countries has weakened. He knows it then that the West is stagnating and regressing, while Turkey is rapidly returning with the spirit of empires.

Why are the Turkish media hesitant? What are we really doing in Africa?

I have in mind the “effective”, wise and long-term plans of Turkey in North Africa and Central Africa, without fear of facing the superpowers of the world, which is followed with a little hesitation, a little carelessly and somewhat blindly by the Turks. media.

Turkey’s journey to the depths of Africa is the pioneer of earth-shattering geopolitical results – and it will lead to more. Beyond bilateral relations, these results shake up Africa’s colonial history, its colonial tradition, the authority of the colonialist powers that were believed to be unshakable, and decipher colonial codes.

There is the mental transformation of the great project of collaboration and partnership beyond Libya and Somalia, from North Africa to Central Africa. Great advances are underway, not only in terms of modernizing common areas, in defense and security, but also in economy, culture, agriculture and vision for the future.

We are not here to dig water wells alone. What made France climb the wall?

I have in mind how Turkey’s portrayal of “hope” in Africa drove France mad, worried the United States and, in fact, made China think at length.

The concerns of the great powers, of the central countries about the “Turkey effect” are already reflected almost daily in the Western media. We did not come here just to dig a water well or to provide humanitarian aid. Besides, we didn’t come to sell drones either. We have come here to build solid partnerships for the future, to launch long marches.

I have on the brain the internal ‘front’ built to stop it all

No matter where we reach in Africa, Central Asia, the Middle East, wherever we do wonderful ventures, we always find the most powerful in the world against us. Watch closely and you will still see Turkey wrestling with the big guns.

It shows the wisdom of a country, its quest for power and its big plans.

Therefore, in speaking of “the rise of Turkey”, we are trying to suggest something new after the Seljuks and the Ottomans.

It is with these thoughts that, watching Erdogan’s visit to Africa, my mind is plagued by “the front built within” to deny all of these efforts and developments; efforts to stop the land of great ideals with petty plans.

Overcoming this is our duty as a nation.

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