Restoration of a castle in the heart of Turkey sheds light on history


The restoration of Sivas Castle in the Central Anatolia region of Turkey has received a boost with the initiation of work to unearth the interior defense walls of the castle.

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Considered to be built 4,000 years ago and destroyed by Timur during his Anatolian campaign in the 1400s, the castle has become the focal point of a project launched to integrate the Blue Madrasah and Ulu Mosque around the wonder .

Noting that the first works have been carried out around the castle for two years, Erdal Eser, an academic from Cumhuriyet University, said they aimed to unearth the remains of some of the defensive walls around the castle to see how far it was going on.

Eser also pointed out that remarkable discoveries about the history of the city were obtained as part of the fieldwork.

“We tried to understand and perceive the material produced by Sivas himself in the content of the [unearthed] buildings. We have also started to inquire about the centers to which Sivas is connected due to materials imported from abroad, ”he added.

“We have also started to capture very dense plaster and tile material related to a palace which is one of the very earliest dates among the palaces of the Seljuk period in Anatolia,” he noted.

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