253 electric scooter users fined in 7 months in Istanbul

A total of 253 electric scooter users were penalized during inspections carried out in Istanbul during the seven months after the regulation governing the use of electric scooters came into force on April 14, 2021, after its publication in the Official Gazette.

According to information received by a reporter from the Anadolu Agency (AA) of the Traffic Inspection Directorate of the Istanbul Police Department, 1,229 inspections were carried out across the city between April 14, 2021. entry into force of the Electric Scooters Regulation, and November 14, 2021. 11, 2021.

During these inspections, 253 users of electric scooters were sanctioned for violating the provisions of the regulation.

Measures were taken for the following reasons: 51 of the e-scooter users drove dangerously, 11 of them did not obey road markings and traffic signs and four of them were fined for going through a red light.

During the inspections, 187 people were fined for violating other rules of the regulations.

During inspections carried out by the management of the Traffic Control Directorate, the fines for users who break the rules amount to 157,850 TL (approximately $ 14,100).

Scooter users complain about sudden movements of other vehicles

Electric scooter user Rıdvan Yeşilçeçen said that he usually uses the vehicle between Beşiktaş and Kuruçeşme to get to work.

Yeşilçeçen said he knows almost all the rules to follow and is careful not to take the middle lane and zigzag in traffic. Complaining about motorcycles changing lanes the most in traffic, he said, “Motorcycles cause me the most problems because they change lanes unexpectedly. In addition, since pedestrians jump directly onto the road, there is sudden braking. In fact, my friend hit a pedestrian because of it.

Yeşilçeçen said that no accident causing property damage has happened to him so far and that he has never thought about his rights in such a situation.

Another electric scooter user, Mert Samet, said he was careful not to speed up and obey traffic rules.

Samet said he uses an electric scooter to get to work and that no major accidents have happened to him. He also stated that he does not know his responsibilities and rights in such a situation.

Use on the road is a nuisance for pedestrians

The use of electric scooters on sidewalks is a nuisance for pedestrians. A citizen by the name of Serkan Cihan said he complained about the situation. “My only complaint is that they usually go on the sidewalk because there is no set route for them. I saw a lot of accidents and falls. It would be better if the cycle paths were increased, ”he said.

The regulation laid down the rules in detail

The “Electric Scooters Regulation” determines the rules to be followed by companies operating shared electric scooters and for users. It entered into force after its publication in the Official Journal on April 14.

While the regulation was aimed at preventing unfair competition and corporate monopolization, the safety rules to be followed by users were also determined in detail.

Children under 15 are prohibited from using electric scooters, and drivers are not allowed to park in such a way as to obstruct the movement of vehicles and pedestrians.

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