Türkiye presents the new learning platform “All in Türkiye”

Türkiye has launched a new learning platform called “All in Türkiye” to provide online courses on the country’s tourism assets. The platform, designed for agents, operators and professionals worldwide, offers free online destination training. It offers online courses on the history, culture, nature and tourist destinations of Türkiye, providing the opportunity to promote and market Türkiye in the most effective and efficient way.

Tourism professionals registered on the All in Türkiye platform will receive online destination training and explore Turkey with photos, videos and in-depth commentary. The training provided on the platform will improve the level of information that tourism employees share with their customers, thereby improving their earning potential. All in Türkiye courses also offer first-hand marketing and branding resources designed to help sell Türkiye to vacationers.

Industry professionals who have successfully completed the courses will receive brand certificates and can use the title “Turkey Specialist”.

All in Türkiye offers 11 comprehensive courses such as Safe Tourism Certification & Insurance, About Türkiye, İstanbul, Antalya, İzmir, Cappadocia, Mediterranean, Aegean, Selling Türkiye, MICE and Outdoor & Adventure.

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