When will Ordu City Hospital go into operation?

When will Ordu City Hospital go into operation?

In 2006, he was transferred to Ordu University and the Faculty of Medicine. kazanThe Mayor of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, Dr. Mehmet Hilmi Güler, again played an active role in the construction and tendering processes, and carried out surveys on the construction of the hospital of the city ​​of Ordu in Ankara, where he accelerated the start of works with his busy staff. Business hours. Mayor Güler, in his statement here, said their support as a metropolitan municipality still continues and said, “We stand behind this work.”

The construction works of the 900-bed municipal hospital, which will raise the class in the field of health in Ordu, continue at full speed. In the hospital, which will serve on the campus of Ordu University, 28% of the construction has been completed thanks to the feverish work of the teams. The goal is that the Ordu City Hospital, which the Ordu Metropolitan Municipality has supported in many areas, especially in important areas such as transport and infrastructure, will be completed on schedule. distributed and placed at the service of citizens.


In 2006, he was transferred to Ordu University and the Faculty of Medicine. kazanPresident Güler, also a member of the university, passed examinations at the municipal hospital, which is rapidly continuing on the university grounds and where he played an active role with his diligent work at the beginning of the construction process.

Mayor Güler, who visited the construction site and met with Ekşioğlu director Ahes Ali Ekşi, project manager Dündar Kadanalı and one of the project’s architects, Betül Ergan, received information about the work carried out.


Stating that the construction of the hospital is the fastest among ongoing hospital works in Turkey, Mayor Güler said the support from the Metropolitan Municipality continues to increase.

Expressing that he has undertaken coordination in many areas of the construction of the hospital, President Güler said, “A work is being carried out rapidly. It is one of the fastest constructions among ongoing city hospitals in Turkey. As Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, we never spare our support. With the roads we opened at the beginning of the process, we increase this number and facilitate access to the hospital. Hopefully at the end of the year we will commission the morphology building. We work hard for this. As I am a former Minister of Energy, we coordinate the work both with TEIAS, on the high voltage lines, and on YEDAŞ. In parallel, we manage the process of moving the flow in the area by DSI. On the other hand, we saw the benefits of the radical change we made in the development of Altınordu here. We have created a harmony with the city and the hospital and also with the university. We coordinate all this work. All of our related units, especially our science department, continue their work under the infrastructure processes. It is good that we have created the hospital and the metropolis to work together”.


Stating that the hospital will serve the provinces of the region, especially Ordu, when it is completed, President Güler said, “It will be the only hospital in the city of our region, a hospital that can serve Giresun, but also possibly Tokat and Amasya in central Anatolia. With its amphitheatres, it will be a center where meetings and training will take place. We are very happy. As a metropolitan municipality, we contribute to the construction and completion of our city hospital. There is very good coordination. We stand behind this work,” he said.

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