The FNSS signs a cooperation agreement with Malaysia for the PARS armored family

The FNSS signs a cooperation agreement for the PARS armored family

During the Asian Defense Services Exhibition (DSA 2022), FNSS and DEFTECH signed a cooperation agreement for the PARS family of tactical wheeled armored vehicles to meet the potential needs of the Malaysian ground forces in the future. Since the early 2000s, the PARS family of vehicles has been renewed to adapt to different combat environments, and has been updated to accommodate constantly evolving technologies and provide tactical advantages to its users in the field. .

The PARS III 6X6, named after a silent, agile and predatory leopard that once lived in Anatolia; It is a tactical wheeled armored fighting vehicle produced by FNSS, designed for use in low and high intensity combat zones, providing strategic advantages to its user with its unique characteristics and integrating the most advanced technologies. progress today.

With a maximum laden weight of 25,000 kg, the PARS III 6X6 is equipped with a diesel engine. The vehicle, which can reach a speed of 100 km/h, can move on 60% steep slopes and 30% side slopes, overcome obstacles 70 cm high and trenches 175 cm long. Thanks to the engine layout and the preferred balanced design, the vehicle has very close axle loads. This design approach; the ability of the vehicle to move freely even on soft and loose ground, increased handling at high speeds and short braking distances. kazan got up. The vehicle axles can be locked if required. The ability of the central tire inflation system allows the driver to adjust tire pressure for different terrain conditions.

The FNSS PARS III 6X6 body can be brought to the level of protection desired by the user, thanks to its modularly designed armor systems. The vehicle’s specially developed hull shape, belly structure, base plates and anti-mine seats are designed to protect personnel against high-level mine threats. PARS III 6X6; With its level of protection, it not only has the level of protection of anti-mine trucks produced for transporting personnel, but also reveals its difference by integrating the capabilities expected in a modern armored fighting vehicle.

FNSS PARS 4X4 wheeled tactical armored vehicle

PARS 4X4 wheeled tactical armored vehicle; It is a vehicle designed to perform special missions such as forward surveillance, anti-tank and command control. GO 4X4; The 25 hp/tonne vehicle has a low silhouette and amphibious characteristics. The vehicle, which has a crew of 4, can operate in deep and flowing waters without any prior preparation. The increased maneuverability of the vehicle in the water is provided by two propellers / propellers positioned behind it.

With its low center of gravity, fully independent suspension system, ABS-assisted hydraulic disc brakes, low ground pressure, increased approach and departure angles and reduced braking angle, it can move over all kinds of difficult terrain. PARS 70X40, which can climb 4% steep slope and hold on 4% side slope, can easily pass 40cm steep obstacles. Thanks to the hydraulic rescue winch located at the front of the vehicle, it has the function of self-recovery in case of need.

Source: Defender

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