Author known for his controversial books on the AKP and the Gülen movement under attack in western Turkey

Turkish author Ergün Poyraz, known for his controversial books on the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) and the faith-based Gülen movement, was attacked by three people outside his home in the western province of Aydın, local media reported. late Monday.

According to Turkish media, Poyraz received a call before the attack from a person who said he accidentally hit his car parked outside his house in Kuşadası, a major resort town on Turkey’s Aegean coast, asking him to come out and check. if the vehicle was damaged.

The writer then came out of his house and was inspecting his car when another car pulled up near his house, from which three people got out and attacked him.

Poyraz lost consciousness after being beaten by the attackers, who left the scene immediately after the attack.

The writer, who was injured in the head and body, was then transported to a hospital in Söke.

According to local media, Poyraz’s injuries were not life-threatening and he is only being kept under observation as a precaution.

Kuşadası police are looking for the attackers, the news also said.

Poyraz is best known for his 2007 book “The Children of Moses,” which accused then-Prime Minister and current President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his wife Emine Erdoğan of being secret Jews and cooperating with intelligence services. Israelis to undermine Turkish secularism.

The writer was arrested in 2007 and was charged in the Ergenekon trials, in which a number of people, mostly military officers, were prosecuted for allegedly plotting a coup against the AKP government.

Although Poyraz was sentenced to 29 years and six months in prison, he was released in 2014 after spending just six years and nine months behind bars.

The case was eventually dismissed and all defendants were acquitted. Some government officials as well as pro-government media published reports claiming that the Ergenekon trial was the work of judges, prosecutors and police officers affiliated with the Gülen faith-based movement.

In 2013, Poyraz also lost a libel case brought on behalf of US-based Muslim preacher Fethullah Gülen, who inspired the Gülen movement, over his book “Amerika’daki İmam” (The Imam in America ), in which he accuses the cleric of being a CIA agent.

Politicians, journalists, writers and other critics of President Erdoğan and his ruling AKP, as well as his ally, the far-right Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), are often the target of attacks by large groups in Turkey and abroad.

Sedat Kılınç, a member of MHP’s Kocasinan District Council in Kayseri, who recently resigned from the party, was attacked by a mob minutes before appearing on a TV show last week and forced to leave the studio.

Kılınç resigned after MHP Kayseri MP Baki Ersoy was referred to the party’s central disciplinary board for criticizing Turkey’s record consumer prices, which hit an annual rate of 61.14% in March .

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