German artist creates art in the magical kingdom of Cappadocia

German artist Almut Wegner was literally mesmerized by the historical, cultural and natural beauty of Cappadocia after visiting the site as a tourist some 32 years ago. Settling in the area following this visit, she has been creating art in her home here with much admiration and inspiration ever since.

Trained in painting and theater directing, Wegner began traveling to various countries and came to Cappadocia on the recommendation of her aunt in 1990.

Recalling his aunt’s words about Cappadocia, Wenger said, “I have traveled all over the world, and the most beautiful place is Cappadocia.”

“I wondered about Cappadocia and came here as a tourist. After staying for three weeks, I decided to move here,” she added.

She rented an old stone detached house in the town of Uçhisar, in the central province of Nevşehir, and renovated it. Transforming the house into a studio, she occasionally welcomes her German friends there.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Wegner said there are many different types of beauty in Cappadocia. “You have to be a poet to describe the beauty of this place. I depict the beauty of Cappadocia by drawing,” she said.

The aura and beauty of Cappadocia cannot be found anywhere else in the world, she added.

“I travel a lot among the ‘fairy chimneys’. Every day I discover a new mysterious place. Sometimes my German friends visit me. I host them. They are also very impressed… The landscape and the history of this place are strong.”

Wegner said she was inspired by the riches that nature bestowed on Cappadocia while she was creating her works.

Almut Wegner poses in the nature of Cappadocia, Nevşehir, central Turkey, May 10, 2022. (AA Photo)
Almut Wegner poses in the nature of Cappadocia, Nevşehir, central Turkey, May 10, 2022. (AA Photo)

“I draw pictures of trees here because trees are very important to the world. In addition to brushes of different sizes, sometimes I use a piece of cloth and sometimes a cloth brush,” she added. .

Crafting various masks from scraps as well as paint, Wegner also began preparations to stage a one-man play for tourists who come to the area during the summer months.

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