Flood and erosion control works completed in Kestel district of Bursa

Flood and erosion control works completed in Kestel district of Bursa

The General Directorate for the Fight against Desertification and Erosion of the Ministry of Environment, Urbanism and Climate Change has completed the “flood and erosion control works” carried out in the Kestel district of Bursa . 14 new projects will be launched by the General Management within the framework of the effective fight against floods and erosion. With the completion of these projects, the number of upstream flood control projects across the country will have increased to 174. Flood control projects that minimize the effects of catastrophic floods will also contribute significantly to reducing the effects of climate change.

While it is known that reducing damage from erosion, flooding, avalanches and landslides caused by climate change is possible with sustainable land management, flood control works and the Upstream erosion is emerging as the most effective method for sustainable land management.

Prevention of soil loss due to erosion; The “Upper Basin Flood and Erosion Control Works”, which are carried out in order to minimize the damage that may result from floods, avalanches and landslides, include many sub-projects.

While flood control structures such as mortar enhancement terraces, concrete and reinforced concrete enhancement terraces, steel rubble barriers, gabion weirs are constructed in the watercourses of the upper pelvis; In the ravines, turning ditches, drywall sills, mixed sills, wooden sills filled with stones, embankments in geonet soil, embankments in soil with geonet sill, embankments in bushy earth, sills are made. in lively tufts and trellis wire sills.

On the slopes, erosion control structures such as stone bunds, knitted fences, wire mesh fences, bush terraces, beaked terraces, non-sloped terraces and terraced terraces are applied . These structures are; It regulates the flow regime of precipitation water, creates a safe flow by reducing its energy and speed, and provides protection of the natural balance.

Thanks to the integrated basin, erosion control, flood control and landslide control projects carried out in cooperation with the competent institutions and organizations, the transport of soil to the seas, lakes and dams by the erosion is also prevented.

14 ongoing projects

The General Directorate for Combating Desertification and Erosion of the Ministry of Environment, Urban Planning and Climate Change is carrying out project design studies in a total of 14 upper flood basins in the provinces of Sinop , Kastamonu and Erzurum in order to minimize the damage caused by possible floods, reduce the effects of climate change and protect natural resources and soils.

With the completion of these 14 projects, the number of upstream flood control projects across Turkey will have increased to 174.

The provinces where flood control projects have been carried out so far are: Adana (2), Adıyaman (2), Afyonkarahisar (9), Ağrı (5), Aksaray (2), Amasya (4) , Ankara (5), Antalya (1), Artvin (5), Aydın (6), Bartin (1), Bayburt (1), Bilecik (1), Bingol (2), Bitlis (1), Bolu (4) , Bursa (1), Çankırı (1), Çorum (6), Diyarbakır (2), Düzce (5), Erzincan (3), Erzurum (6), Giresun (11), Hatay (3), Iğdır (2) , Mersin (8), Kastamonu (6), Kayseri (1), Kırklareli (1), Konya (2), Kütahya (1), Malatya (1), Kahramanmaraş (1), Karabük (1), Muğla (2) , Muş (1), Niğde (2), Ordu (1), Rize (7), Sakarya (5), Samsun (4), Sivas (2), Tekirdağ (1), Tokat (1), Trabzon (6) , Sanlıurfa (2) , Van (13), Yozgat (1)

End of Bursa/Kestel Upper Basin Flood Control Project

The “Upper Basin Flood Control Project of Kestel District of Bursa Province in Kestel District” carried out by the General Directorate of Desertification and Erosion Control over an area of ​​192.81 ha s’ was completed last month.

Box gabion and mortar sill improvement bench, 8 mortar improvement benches, 10 box gabions were constructed in the project area to minimize coastal washouts, coastal washouts, coastal landslides and gully erosion. Thanks to thresholds and benches; Risks of loss of life and property damage that may occur as a result of sediment transport caused by floods and overflows will be minimized.

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