Candidate nurses clown around in Turkish children’s hospital

Hospitals can be dark environments, but it’s important to make people smile, especially young patients, and that’s exactly what hospital staff at the city hospital of Kayseri in the center of the city thought. Turkey, as they tried to make the children happy and overcome the fear of the hospital with fun activities, especially thanks to the candidate nurses.

Nursing candidates on internship at the hospital wear clown costumes outside of teaching and cheer up sick children with the animations they display.

With the approval of the hospital administration, 12 students who study in the nursing department of high schools in different cities and do their internship in the hospital of the city of Kayseri, wore clown costumes three times a month to entertain the children who are treated in the pediatric department. Department, and visit the rooms with balloons in hand accompanied by music, and do various activities.

A nurse candidate gives gifts to a child as she organizes activities to boost children's morale at Kayseri City Hospital, Kayseri, Turkey, June 5, 2022. (AA Photo)

The hospital’s deputy chief medical officer, Dr. Şaban Yüksel, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that medical professional high school students voluntarily gather together and entertain sick children.

Yüksel stressed that they care about the socialization of children who have been treated in the hospital for a long time.

“These children need psychosocial help. The children lying here are also afraid of doctors and nurses, so (this) eliminates that fear,” he added.

Yüksel said he observed that some children accepted treatment more easily after playing with the nurse candidates, and their morale also improved.

Nurse candidate Seda Nur Coşkun also said that the project is based on voluntary work, children who are afraid of the hospital are happy and see the joy in their eyes with the activities they do.

Coşkun said they came to the hospital to entertain the children who were helping with their treatment.

“When I work in child services in the years to come, I will better understand what children want to tell me. I have learned a lot from caring for children,” she added.

Emphasizing that she loves children, nurse candidate Hilal Bayrakçı also said that making children who are away from home happy also makes her happy.

Nurse candidate Hatice Naz Karakaş noted that after school and internship, they voluntarily got together to entertain the children in the hospital.

“Our goal here is to help pediatric patients who refuse treatment,” said nurse candidate Berna Haber. “We have seen that children are very happy with even a small gift here. I believe that these activities will be very beneficial for my profession in the years to come as my communication with children has increased,” she explained.

Nursing candidates marching through the ward with their suits and balls to make children happy at Kayseri City Hospital in Kayseri, Turkey, June 5, 2022. (AA Photo)

Nurse candidates give gifts to children at Kayseri City Hospital in Kayseri, Turkey, June 5, 2022. (AA Photo)

Besim Güçlük, who works at the hospital, said they came together to ease the tears in the eyes of crying children and said they succeeded in making many children happy during the treatment process.

Hilal Bayrakçı, whose child was treated in the hospital, stressed that the families were satisfied with the activities.

“Having such events is important for children’s mental health,” Bayrakçı added.

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