Turkey will seek diplomatic solution to war in Ukraine: President

Turkey is determined to continue pushing for a diplomatic solution to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as the war continues, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said on Saturday.

Speaking at an event in the central province of Kayseri, Erdoğan said the agreement on Ukrainian grain exports signed in Istanbul was an important success.

“We are determined to continue our diplomatic efforts until peace is established between Russia and Ukraine. We hope to receive the good news soon from the meetings and discussions with all levels, including the leadership,” Erdoğan added.

Turkey wants to end the war in Ukraine, the country’s first lady has said, calling for peace and joint efforts to prevent future conflicts around the world.

Ankara continues “to employ all diplomatic instruments at the highest level and strive to end this war”, Emine Erdoğan said in a video message to the second summit of first ladies and gentlemen held on Saturday in Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital.

The event – Ukraine and the World: The Future We (Re)Build Together – was hosted by Ukrainian First Lady Olena Zelenska.

“I believe that rebuilding what war has destroyed and uniting so that the whole world is the strongest shield against future wars,” Erdoğan said.

Turkey is one of the most active countries in ensuring a permanent ceasefire between Ukraine and Russia. His delicately balanced act of assuming a mediating role by keeping the channels of communication open with the two warring parties offers a beacon of hope in diplomatic efforts to find a solution and achieve peace in the Ukraine crisis. With its unique position of friendly relations with Russia and Ukraine, Turkey has received widespread praise for its efforts to end the war.

Since the start of the conflict, Ankara has offered to mediate between the two sides and host peace talks, stressing its support for Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty. While Ankara has opposed international sanctions aimed at isolating Moscow, it has also closed its straits to prevent some Russian ships from crossing them.

In a breakthrough, Russian and Ukrainian delegations met for peace talks in Istanbul on March 29 as the war entered its second month, with casualties mounting on both sides.

Turkey also hosted the foreign ministers of Russia and Ukraine in Antalya in March and a recent meeting in Istanbul to discuss Ukrainian grain export. Ankara also hopes to reunite Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

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