Puppy Rescue: Turkish Vet Unearths Trapped Canine Family

Soner Büyümez, a veterinarian working on a farm in central Turkey, warmed hearts when a video showing him frantically removing a pile of dirt under which a dog and his puppies were buried went viral on social networks. social. “Come here, kuzum,” he says in the video, as Büyümez picks out a frightened puppy covered in dirt, a local affectionate phrase that originally means “my lamb.”

The mother and her pups are now safe and will be the new residents of the apple orchard they found nearby.

A weak cry from the dog and the determination of Büyümez and a colleague ensured their survival. Mahmut Aşir, an apple orchard guard in Develi district, central Kayseri province, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that he heard a dog barking while checking the orchard on Monday. He discovered that the dogs had been buried when they built themselves a makeshift house on the slight slope of the empty lot near the orchard. Büyümez was working in another part of the orchard when Aşir screamed and called him for help. The two managed to pull the mother by grabbing her legs, but discovered there were more buried underneath. They raced against the clock with nothing but their hands to dig up the puppies. One of the puppies died while others survived.

The duo now feed the canine family in the orchard and hope someone will give them a home. The orchard is already home to some 45 puppies.

Büyümez told İhlas News Agency (İHA) that they didn’t know there were buried puppies when they heard the dog “moan”. In about two hours, they rescued them all. “They are all fine now and healthy. We take care of them daily,” he said.

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