The Killybegs man will complete his charity run from Dubai to Donegal this Saturday

A Killybegs man will complete his 10,000+km motorbike race between Dubai and Donegal this Saturday when he returns to his native Killybegs.

Evan Bourke decided to initially travel through 11 countries with the aim of raising much needed funds for two international relief agencies and their efforts to support orphans in conflict zones.

This could now expand to 13 due to the added challenges of traveling over some of the most uncompromising terrain in the world.

Since leaving Dubai in the United Arab Emirates in July, he has had to endure a variety of hardships ranging from 50 degree Celsius desert heat to crossing the European Alps.

Evan says he realizes he’s lucky to be in a position where he can take such a trip when many in the world couldn’t.

“This trip home is on my own initiative and not a necessity. However, at least 27 conflict zones around the world are now forcing families from their homes to survive.

“I fundraise for the International Red Cross and Red Crescent who respond quickly and effectively to help people affected by armed conflict. They also respond to disasters in conflict zones as the effects are compounded if a country is already at war. This campaign will help orphans in need,” he says.

Evan at Hot Air Balloon Event in Cappadocia, Turkey

Evan highlights some of the highlights of his trip so far.

“I traveled through Iran where I then entered Turkey and continued along the Syrian border where I nearly entered Syria by mistake due to a Global Positioning System failure ( GPS).

“After several more army checkpoints, I passed through cities in Turkey like Ankara and Istanbul before continuing on to Greece. From Greece I went to Albania and Montenegro. Bosnia was the first place I got cold, which was welcome after recalling the 50 degrees of Iran.

“After Bosnia, border crossings became more common in Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and soon Switzerland.”

He adds that the plan was for 11 counties and 10,000 km but already 10 countries with three more to go and many more kilometers, the trip stretches a little longer than expected. He now expects to return to Killybegs around 5pm on Saturday.

Evan renewed his call for support.

“If you can, donate to help some children who need a lot of help,” he added.
You can contact him at [email protected]


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