The Aegean region ranks as the happiest place in Türkiye

ISTANBUL – Demiroren News Agency

The Aegean region has been ranked as the happiest place in Türkiye, with the southeastern Anatolia region being the most unhappy place, according to a nationwide survey.


The survey, in which nearly 1,150 people took part to rate their happiness on a scale of 1 to 10, found that the happiness rate for Turks was 4.96.

According to the survey, which also revealed rates by region, the Aegean region ranked as the happiest with 52.5%. It was followed by the Marmara region with 51.9%, the Black Sea region with 49.7% and the Eastern Anatolia region with 48.8%.

While 47.8% of people in the Mediterranean region and 47.1% in the Central Anatolia region said they were happy, the Southeast Anatolia region ranked seventh with 45.8%. , concluded as the most dissatisfied region.

The survey also revealed that 22.2% of participants were happiest when they were with loved ones, while physical health at 14.9% and mental health at 14.1% followed as the other top sources. of happiness.

While 12.7% of participants said their relationship with children made them happy, believing that life has a purpose for 9.9% and achieving dreams for 7.7% were the most important sources of happiness.


Financial reasons were the source of happiness for nearly 12% of participants, with 6.3% prioritizing an adequate standard of living and 5.4% saying money itself makes them happy.

Some 5% at the bottom of the list consider their relationship with their spouse to be a source of happiness.

Meanwhile, 22.1% of participants who were asked to choose a daily activity that makes them the happiest said they felt happy when watching the sunset, while 14.6% said said that receiving a gift or a nice message was their greatest source of happiness.

Nearly 11% of participants said finding money in the pockets of their long, unworn clothes was the thing that made them happiest, while 8.2% chose the option of shopping.

While around 10% of Turks said the earthy smell produced when the rain falls made them happy, 9.4% said they liked waking up to the smell of clean sheets more than anything else.

Some 8.2% of participants listen to their favorite song when they want to be happy, while 7.8% prefer to watch a decent movie.


The survey was conducted via a Computer-Assisted Web Interviewing (CAWI) method, an internet-based survey technique in which the respondent follows a script provided on a website.


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