Raai Laxmi beams with happiness as she enjoys her holiday in Turkey

For South Indian diva Raai Laxmi, traveling is like therapy. She feels at peace exploring the wonders of new places and cultures. She loves a relaxing beach vacation as much as a thrilling adventure trip or a soothing trip into nature. Raai Laxmi who has played unforgettable roles in all South Indian languages ​​is also a popular face in Kerala. She never forgets to share the photos and videos of her trip with her fans.

Raai is currently enjoying an exotic vacation in the ancient Turkish city of Cappadocia, 300 kilometers from the city of Istanbul. The morning view of Cappadocia is sure to enchant your heart. The city is known for its ancient cave houses and lava mountains. Moreover, Cappadocia is one of the most popular hot air balloon destinations in the world. Raai’s fans are impressed with the beautiful ratings she posts alongside her photos and videos. The knowledge and experiences gained while traveling are unparalleled. It’s no wonder, then, that Raai Lakshmi sees travel as therapy.

In Wonderland
Cappadocia is known for its dramatic landscapes, unusual rock formations and hot air balloon thrills. It is a land of many natural and man-made wonders. Its unique and surreal landscape gives a bewitching atmosphere. Tour operators offer amazing hot air balloon packages in Cappadocia.

The lava from volcanic eruptions that happened eons ago has hardened and formed into mountains. These mountains have been carved into modern homes, restaurants and shopping malls. Interestingly, archaeologists have been able to unearth evidence of a rich and vibrant Cappadocian culture.

Argiope, Göreme, Ihlara Valley, Selem, Guzelyurt, Uchisar, Avanos and Zelve are the main towns of Cappadocia. Meanwhile, the underground cities of Derinkuyu, Kaymakli, Gaziemir and Ozkonak were noted as the most visited places in the country. Many beautiful palaces which have historical and cultural significance can be seen in Argiope, Goreme, Guzelyurt and Uchisar. Besides, tourists could also stay in their famous cave houses.

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