Fundraising event on October 2 for the new Adelaide Cathedral

The Central Philoptochos Society of the Archdiocesan District of Adelaide is hosting a major fundraising dinner on October 2 for the newly acquired temple in the Bowden area of ​​Adelaide, which will become the Cathedral of the Archdiocesan District and subsequently the center of the church life of the Orthodox in South Australia.

The event, which is titled “Anatolia, the Light of the East”, is also intended to honor the victims of the Asia Minor Catastrophe.

Below is a statement from the Adelaide Archdiocesan District Office, including information on how interested parties can book their places:

“We are pleased to inform you that with the blessing of His Eminence Archbishop Makarios of Australia, the Central Philoptochos Society is hosting a grand fundraising dinner for the newly acquired temple in the Bowden area of ​​Adelaide, which will become the cathedral of the Archdiocese District of Adelaide and later the center of church life for the Orthodox of South Australia.

The adjacent building will house the offices of the Archdiocesan District of Adelaide and will host events of ecclesiastical, national and social interest.

The event is entitled “Anatolia, the light of the Orient”, because, in addition to its fundraising objective, it combines, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Asia Minor Catastrophe, the honor that we owe to our ancestors – victims of the Genocide of Pontian Hellenism and Asia Minor. For this purpose, folk dances and songs and church hymns will be presented.

You are invited to this great fund-raising event, the proceeds of which will be donated for the beautification of the temple and its configuration in accordance with our Orthodox Church, and as a loving contribution to its reimbursement.

The dinner, the price of which amounts to 80 dollars, will take place at the Saint-Nectaire monastery on Sunday, October 2, 2022, at 6 p.m.

For reservations:

– you can use the code given in the brochure,

– or via the e-mail address [email protected],

– or via the website

More information can be found in the brochure, which is available at the temple exit, as well as on the parish community’s websites.

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