Kayseri Career Center provided employment to 100 people in one month

Kayseri Career Center provided employment to 100 people in one month

The Metropolitan Municipality of Kayseri continues to contribute to the employment of citizens with the Kayseri Career Center, which it has commissioned as part of the social municipality and the municipality of the heart. In this context, the Career Center, which brings together employers and job seekers, contributed to the hiring of 100 people in September. Under the leadership of Memduh Büyükkılıç, the Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality continues to meet the social and cultural needs of the people of Kayseri while strengthening the city’s infrastructure in all areas.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which has an extensive network of stakeholders and launched the Kayseri Career Center, which is an important project for the employment of the citizens of the city, has been instrumental in employing 100 people in just one month, with the center reaching tens of thousands of citizens. Kayseri Career Center, the institution responsible for careers, also provides counseling services with its expert staff. The centre, which also provides counseling services to citizens applying for employment and working life, is directed to the most suitable job in the most appropriate manner.


Kayseri Career Center, the organization of the metropolitan municipality, which offers employment to 100 people in September, supports employment and also provides counseling services, aims to be one of the organizations that shape the job market by providing a strong economy and future in Turkey with its innovative identity, and in this context, it has gained popularity on almost all platforms. It also strives to reach the citizens of its target audience. Kayseri Career Center, which provides an efficient face-to-face service to citizens both in the communication sphere of the metropolitan municipality in the city center and at the head office, also provides easy access to opportunities through its website and its mobile phone app.


Kayseri Career Center, which started operations as KAYMEK Career Center in 2008 and accelerated its operations as Kayseri Career Center over the past year, is the career-focused organization, counseling and l Metropolitan Municipality Employment, Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, Erciyes University, Kayseri University, Nuh Naci Yazgan University. , Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Youth Assembly, Kayseri Chamber of Industry, Kayseri Chamber of Commerce, Kayseri Commodity Exchange, Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone, Kayseri Free Zone, Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone Mimar Sinan, Zone Organized Industrial Company of İncesu and KAYMEK A.Ş. It contributes to employment in the city in cooperation with

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