Kalyon Holding brings Turkey to life with tree campaign

Prominent Turkish conglomerate Kalyon Holding is keeping its promise to continue its reforestation efforts in the country as it faces potential risks from climate change. The company plans to plant 50,000 saplings in an area where it recently built two tunnels that have shortened travel in western Turkey.

Mehmet Kalyoncu, Chairman of the Board of Kalyon İnşaat, the conglomerate’s construction company, said that with the new seedlings, the number of trees they have planted across Turkey will exceed 10.3 million. The campaign follows in the footsteps of the government’s “Breath For The Future” mass reforestation campaign.

Planting began simultaneously with the inauguration of the Assos and Troya tunnels on 11 October. The tunnels shorten travel time on a key road linking Çanakkale province to Izmir and Balıkesir provinces from about 50 minutes to 5 minutes. Located on the Ayvacık-Küçükkuyu road, the tunnels are located on the steep slopes of Kazdağları or Mount Ida, a lush area of ​​Çanakkale. On the other side of the road, saplings are planted by Kalyon, in an effort to support the local habitat.

Kalyoncu said in a statement that they are planting olive and red pine saplings as they suit the local environment and the trees will contribute to an annual drop of 4,422 tonnes of carbon emissions. “We value having a livable world in the future as well and planting saplings is one of our strongest initiatives for the environment,” he said. Kalyoncu noted that the conglomerate had already forested several areas in Istanbul, Çanakkale and Gaziantep provinces, citing the “memorial” forests of Polonezköy, Kemerburgaz and Arnavutköy in Istanbul and the forests of Çanakkale and Gaziantep. He added that Kalyon Holding remains the only Turkish brand to have “planted the most trees” and is working hard to retain that title.

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