Mouthwatering Armenian Dumplings You Should Know

For anyone who has made dumplings before, they know it can be a long process. However, breaking it down into steps makes it easier. And, of course, getting a few helping hands makes a difference.

First, according to Mission foods, the dough can be made by hand by filling a large mixing bowl with flour. A well is made in the center and all the wet ingredients are added. It is then mixed until a ball of dough is formed and smooth. The dough should rest covered for about half an hour.

While the dough rests, the ground meat is mixed with its seasonings and chilled. When the dough is ready, it is rolled into very thin sheets and cut into approximately 1 ½ inch squares. Then a small amount of meat is placed in the center of each square and pinched with another sheet of dough forming a canoe shape. This is then cooked, according to Mission Foods.

For the broth, all the ingredients are simply simmered, and the yogurt sauce has all the components mixed evenly.

serious eating serves their manti in about 1/2 cup hot broth in individual serving bowls. They add about 15-20 mantis to the dish and top them with a dollop of yogurt and garlic sauce. Colorful Aleppo pepper and sumac are sprinkled to garnish. The dish is served hot. This unbeatable comfort food might just be the dish you need most when the temperature starts to drop.

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