Training seminars held for emergency units of Akkuyu nuclear power plant

Training seminars held for emergency units of Akkuyu nuclear power plant

Training seminars were held at the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant (NGS) site for employees of the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency of the Republic of Turkey (AFAD) and the Fire and the forest department. The representatives of the operational services received intensive training for a month. Employees learned about the organizational structure of the fire safety unit of the complexes that ensure the uninterrupted operation of the nuclear power plant under construction and the fire unit, as well as the operation of the national safety legislation fire in nuclear power plants. The employees also studied the features of the technical means of the control system.

More than 100 representatives from disaster and emergency management directorates from Mersin, Adana, Antalya, Gaziantep, Kahramanmaraş, Kayseri, Konya, Kilis, Niğde, Osmaniye, Karaman and Hatay provinces as well as fire and forest directorates from the AFAD attended the seminars. Visits were organized to the site of the Akkuyu nuclear power plant for the participants in the seminars. The participants examined the current nuclear power plant facilities, the residential areas of the builders and the fire protection facilities.

During the seminars, general information about the nuclear power industry, the radiation protection programs of Akkuyu NPP and NPPs were particularly mentioned. At the end of each seminar, a fire extinguishing simulation exercise was carried out. Thanks to the strong coordination between the Forestry Directorate of Mersin and the fire departments and nuclear firefighters of Akkuyu, the coordination of joint actions in the fields of fire extinguishing with simulation, the supply of uninterrupted water and the organization of interaction has become easier. The firefighters also experimented with the procedure of obtaining information about the fire and sending additional units from the firefighting units working in Büyükeceli district, which is the nearest locality to the Akkuyu nuclear power plant site.

Ali Temiz, Director of Mersin Fire Department Intervention and Coordination Branch, said the following in his statement on the matter: “It is very important that firefighters act together and share experiences and organizing principles. of their work. This approach allows us to act professionally and maintain a high level of security in the area. We hope to continue our cooperation with our colleagues in the field of Akkuyu nuclear power plant.

Ali Ercan Gökgül, Osmaniye Provincial Regional Director of the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD), said, “With the Akkuyu nuclear power plant, fire safety measures are strengthened in our province. We now know how work is organized to ensure fire safety on the construction site of the nuclear power plant. We discussed this issue with colleagues from other emergency services in the area. I am convinced that it will be beneficial for all training participants to receive additional information on the principles and procedures for implementing radiation protection measures.

Hasan Say, Deputy Head of the Kayseri Provincial Disaster and Emergency Directorate Training Center, said: “We spent three days reviewing the operation of the fire extinguishing systems at the Kayseri nuclear power plant site. ‘Akkuyu, which is under construction. We learned about the work and structure of firefighters and observed their coordinated work during drills. We have new information. We are satisfied with the training, the lessons, the help of the instructors and their willingness to answer all questions. I think it would be beneficial for us to organize such seminars regularly.

Adana Provincial Disaster and Emergency Directorate Search and Rescue Technician Bülent Güleç also made the following assessments regarding the seminars: “During the three-day training at the site of the nuclear power plant in Akkuyu, we witnessed the work of our friends working in the fire department of the nuclear power plant. We visited the site and met the firefighters and learned about their training and work. We worked on simulations of various events. The training was very productive. I would like to thank our trainers and our colleagues at the Akkuyu nuclear power plant. »

Roman Melnikov, Director of Akkuyu’s Nuclear Fire Safety Division, also commented on the success of the seminars: “Safety culture is a top priority in absolutely every aspect of the work of nuclear power plant experts. ‘Akuyu. Fire safety is also decisive and essential for our experts. The firefighters are on duty around the clock and their experience has been beneficial to our colleagues from other fire departments and forestry directorates in the Republic of Turkey. We were particularly pleased with the positive feedback following the results of the seminars. The suppression of forest fires in Mersin last year proved the qualifications and high level of coordination of our experts. We are ready to share our experiences.

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