Meteorologists expect rain across the country from the weekend


Torrential rains are expected across the country for three days from November 6, especially in the western, southern and northern provinces, according to the latest weather report from the Turkish State Meteorological Service.


On November 6, downpours are expected in a major part of the Aegean provinces, while the rains will spread to the Marmara region the next day and temperatures will drop significantly, according to the report.

Meteorologists expect the northern provinces to be partly cloudy as the eastern Black Sea coast will be rainy.

During this time, it is estimated that the upper portions of the region will experience patches of sleet and snow, while other locations will be less cloudy and clear.

In the Eastern Anatolia region, snowfall is expected to begin on November 5 and increase in intensity on November 7.

The rains, which are expected to hit southern provinces from Nov. 7, will affect much of the western Aegean to southeastern Anatolia, meteorologists said. The office also said that the rains will partly affect the Central Anatolia region.

Snowfall will continue at high altitudes in the south-east of the country, as the rains will gradually lose their effect from November 8.


The only rainy place in the country will be the eastern Black Sea region on Nov. 9, when sunshine replaces cloudy weather across the country, according to the report.

From Nov. 10, with the warming of southern regions, sunny weather will prevail across the country, he added.

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