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“To the World with You”: a picturesque road movie explores adventure and education

Released in Chinese theaters on Friday, this road movie encourages audiences to reflect on family relationships, adventure and education.

The documentary film To the World with You tells the true story of a young travel-loving couple in their thirties who decide to take their 10-year-old son, nicknamed Simba after the Lion King character, on a trip around the world. The documentary presents an educational story through the narration of their experiences on the road filmed by the father, Xu Chenghua.

Whether it’s observing glaciers and icebergs in the Arctic, experiencing hot air balloons over Cappadocia in Turkey, feeling the power of nature by the sea and watching horses race through the vast grasslands of Eurasia, the three family members enjoy as many scenic landscapes as possible. And in the meantime, they share their thoughts on love and strength to encourage each other.

Accompanied by his parents, the child made his first trip at the age of 3. Since then, he has visited more than 20 countries and even set foot in the Arctic and Antarctica. The documentary covers the family’s third great journey, during which they encounter countless unexpected challenges.

“Just like reading a book, traveling is another important educational medium. When parents take their children abroad, young children gain a deep impression and a better understanding of the things they encounter, which is sometimes even more effective than learning from a book,” Xu, who is also the director of the documentary, told the Guangzhou Daily on Monday.

Previously, Xu edited their travels into several short episodes which he posted online, but this time they decided to bring their travelogue to the big screen.

The family’s stories have sparked huge public debate, with many people expressing a desire to take their own trips to see the world.

In the four days since the trailer’s release on Monday, it has garnered more than 100,000 likes on social media from netizens, many of whom say they are looking forward to the incredible views shown in the film.

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